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    Hong Leong Holdings Limited is a real estate company which was established in 1968, the company areas of operations covers both property development and investment. They are responsible for the development of some of the most luxurious and unique pieces of residential properties available in the marketplace. To her credit, Hong Leong Holdings have developed over 100 residential estates in some of the best areas in the country.

    Hong Leong Holdings is a prominent name in real estate development that is recognized globally. They have developed successfully developed numerous projects which are so successful that they have been commended for the great quality of work and the speedy rate of project completion.

    Hong Leong Holdings equally embraces collaboration and a healthy work environment which are critical success factors. The company understands that to achieve success in projects, it needs to harness the expertise of other developers. The company understands the importance of good synergy between the different professionals to deliver a great project. Much time is committed to planning and useful collaborations made at every stage of the property development.

    In addition, Hong Leong Holdings have a full time team of employees, dedicated to making sure that rentals, and sales of residential and commercial properties proceeds is done successfully. Specific time id dedicated to advertising and marketing while special customer relations is handled with the utmost sense of professionalism. It is in the habit of Hong Leong Holdings to invest in both capital and talents that will developed into great business leaders. They equally partner with designers to ensure the future growth and expansion of the business.

    Hong Leong Holding partners with KPMS to ensure that every aspect of the operations runs without any glitches. KPMS provides both maintenance and management services. They ensure that the properties are safe, they carryout routine hazard checks, offer car management service as well as overall maintenance services. They are a highly-rated security firm and are duly registered with Building and Construction Authority. The firm renders global business and development. Their areas of operations in the business and development field spans across five different areas. Hong Leong Holdings is a recipient of several awards for innovation and in recognition of its contribution to the property development industry. The company owns the biggest private land titles and is regarded Singaporean biggest residential development company, and in the Central Business District of Singapore, they remain the biggest landlords.

    Some of the very best hotels in London belongs to the group, and they have several hotels across the globe under their management. They manage more than 114 hotels containing over 29,000 rooms spread across 18 countries. They have the best hotel and work with several subsidiaries in New Zealand, even the Grand Plaza Hotel Corporation is under their management. This is their biggest financial operation. They equally help customers to get funding for their properties. The total value of their assets is estimated at over $7.5 billion. They service delivery is being improved to cater to the needs of different customers. The firm owns several businesses and they intend to make entry to different Chinese markets.

    The Hong Leong Group is passionately devoted to creating a better community for everyone. They have established the Hong Leong Foundation which finances different civic programs but in Singapore and at the international stage. The group remains the industry’s pacesetter, and its making inroads into the field of Information Technology and are already set to create products that will solve the problems of the home renters and buyers of the new millennium.

    Some of the projects executed by Hong Leong Group include:

    • Aalto
    • Amberglades
    • Bartley Residences
    • Parkview Condominium
    • Bishan Park Condominium
    • Carissa Park Condominium
    • Cashew Heights
    • Cavenagh Court
    • Chelsea Gardens
    • Commonwealth Towers
    • St. Regis Residences


    City Developments Limited is a real estate company who operations cuts across several countries of the world, with a network cutting across 103 locations in 29 countries and different continents, it has a vastly diversified portfolio. The different diversified portfolio of the company in its various countries of operations includes residences, serviced apartments, hotels offices, shopping malls and integrated developments. The firm possesses over five million acres of property, and this is just a tip of the iceberg.

    City Development Limited was established in 1963 in a tiny office in Amber Mansions. Established by just one founder and having just eight people at the inception, the company has not hint of the huge success it would achieve in the future. It made its maiden debut and have its shares listed on what was called Malayan Stock Exchange at the time.

    The first housing development of the company was completed in 1965, it was a 200- unit housing development known as Fresh Breezes, the development was located in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. The housing development consisted of Terrace and bungalow units for its clientele. Back to the early days, when CDL was just starting out and establishing its presence in the industry, the company was commended for the quality work it executed in several projects apart from the project mentioned earlier. After the completion of Fresh Breeze, it started its first high- rise residential buildings in Singapore. This was accompanied by the company’s completion of phase one of its first condominium project.

    In 1972, a firm known as Hong Leong Group, under the leadership of the founder, Mr. Kwek Hong Png became interested in City Development limited. The group embraced strategic diversification to promote the growth if its property. CDL’s investments properties increased, and under the management of Mr. Kwek Hong Png’s, management.

    In the 1980s City Development Limited experience a new era, though they achieved remarkable success in the 1970s, however in the 1980s there was a significant increase growth in their expansion. They had numerous buildings and completed over 20 residential developments in the course of that decade. By the turn of a new decade CDL has successfully sold 12 major developments to clients.

    City Development Limited made its entrance into the hospitality industry and built King’s Hotel, which is now called Copthorne Kings’ Hotel, Singapore). This feat was a major achievement for the company. Equally, a hotel called Orchi was acquired by the firm, this acquisition is of great significance because it also signifies a major expansion and regionalization.

    At the moment, CDL’s business partner, the Millennium & Copthorne Hoteld Limited remains the largest international hotel group in Singapore, and it is known to be one of the biggest conglomerates of hotel owners and operators globally. CDL has distinguished itself as the industry leader for over 50 years rendering great services, in the space of 5 decades, the company has written its name in gold as an industry leader in the real estate industry. The motto is “converse as we construct”. Their end vision is to develop comfortable homes for people to live in happiness. And they have doggedly continue with this goal, hoping to help as many as possible fulfilled their dreams of living in a good serene and comfortable homes.